Segmentation (Clustering)

Provide data driven segmentation categorizing customers/prospects (or web visitors) into meaningful segments with distinct but consistent behaviors.

Predictive Modeling

Develop and implement predictive models for: acquisition, cross-sell, up-sell, reactivation, and retention. Help improve revenue and increase response rates by targeting your customers' specific needs.

Data Analysis

Analyze customer behavior to identify important needs and behaviors. Understand customers and explain "why" customers behave as they do and therefore unlock the insights to tailor marketing dialogues.

Web Analytics

Improve visitor engagement, increase conversion rates, enhance customer experience, and optimize high traffic pages for maximum ROI.

Data Summarization Methods

Data summarization methods include principal component analysis and factor analysis. Both are used to reduce the information contained in large data with many variables (dimensions) to just a few dimensions (factors) that are easier to tackle. Data summarization methods can be used for discovering the differentiating factors among the members of a population. Other applications include pattern delineation, causation, data summarization, classification, and interpretation.

Multivariate Testing and Design of Experiment (DOE)

Multivariate testing is an efficient methodology for testing multiple hypotheses simultaneously. DOE allows reducing the number of test cells needed thus reducing test costs. DOE can play a key role in designing and testing new marketing campaigns.